Paperboard for Coreboard Tubes

Resistance to Delamination

Paper Machine (Wet End)

Paperboard for Tubes

One of the main characteristics of paperboard for tubes is the resistance to delamination (bond). The higher this factor, the more the tube produced acquires resistance to crushing.

The heart of our paper machine (Wet End) has been reengineered over the years in order to improve such technical aspects of the paperboard. In 1999, the moulding technology was changed, replacing the forming drums – by now, outdated technology in the production of paperboard for tubes – with a new flat panel supplied by the world leader in the production of paper machines for paper mills.

In 2012, the wet component was further improved through the insertion of a forming panel and the improvement of the fresh water circuit.

The paperboard produced with single-ply technology guarantees extremely elevated Scott Bond (delamination index) values, with levels difficult to achieve with multilayer or multi-ply technology typical of drum machines.

The bursting resistance characteristics are also very high, thanks to an excellent ratio between the longitudinal and transverse resistance load.

Single-ply Technology

Elevated Scott Bond Values

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